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Cover page reads Reconstruction in the Near East by Paul Monroe Ph.D., LLD, R.R. Reeder Ph.D., James I. Vance, D.D. And Others New York 1924

Reconstruction in the Near East

An overview of reconstruction in the Near East


August 26, 2019

Near East Relief Day Order of Service

Service program from Near East Relief Day. NER used local churches and organizations to mobilize individual support by appealing to their sense of philanthropic duty.

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May 7, 2019

Identified Child Document

Graduating from the orphanage.

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August 1, 2018

Girls Education In Orphanages

Orphan girls getting an education in the orphanages in Syra. The education in the two photos is focused on tailoring and cooking.

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July 25, 2018

A Certificate Of Recognition

A certificate by the Sunday school that is awarded to those who are taking care of the orphans.

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CablegramTo Raise Money

A cablegram for raising money to the Near East Relief.

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Education For Orphans

A publication about the importance of education for orphans. In the image, there is a photo of a group of orphans standing with each other.

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July 20, 2018

Sponsorship Form: Heracles Savvas

Near East Relief sponsorship form for an orphan boy named Heracles Savvas. The form is not dated. Based on the information provided, it is from the mid- to late 1920s. This is the only form of its kind in the Near East Foundation archives. Sponsors received periodic reports on their child’s health and academic progress.

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March 16, 2016

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