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Page from orphan booklet: Efsthasios Demetriou and Mariam Tamourian

Page from a rare orphan booklet probably used for sponsorship. This page features Efsthasios Demetriou and Mariam Tamourian.


March 16, 2016

“Training Girls for Self-Support”

Page 12 from a Near East Relief booklet.

February 24, 2016

Page from orphan booklet: Shushanik Hagopian and Bakik Bedrosian

Page from a rare orphan booklet probably used for sponsorship. This page features Shushanik Hagopian and Bakik Bedrosian.


Page from orphan booklet: Eugenia Theocharous and Hovadim Haserdjian

Page from a rare orphan booklet probably used for sponsorship. This page features Eugenia Theocharous and Hovadim Haserdjian.

March 16, 2016

Page from orphan booklet: Melanian Vahgarshag and Gulania Kardjian

Page from a rare orphan booklet probably used for sponsorship. This page features Melanian Vahgarshag and Gulania Kardjian [sic]. You can read more about Gulania and the Karjian family in our Dispatch.


“America We Thank You”

Children at Seversky Post orphanage in Alexandropol spell out a message for their American benefactors. This iconic photograph was used in thank-you letters, brochures, and publications like The New Near East.

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September 30, 2015

Nurse Gertrude Legge with children

Nurse Gertrude Legge with children. This photograph was used in a letter campaign.

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July 29, 2015

Ernest Yarrow distributing supplies

Near East Relief worker Ernest Yarrow distributes supplies to widows and children in the Caucasus, where he was the Director of relief operations.


July 16, 2015

Prominent Armenians arrested from Constantinople on April 24, 1915

Attacking the Intelligentsia

Victims of the April 24, 1915 attack on the Armenian intellectual class. The Soviet Armenian Encyclopedia, Vol. 71.

Robert E. Willson

Influenza and exhaustion brought on by the pressure of work among four thousand refugees at Mersine, Turkey, cost the life of Dr. Robert E. Willson, of Morning Sun, Iowa, on February 18, 1923. Dr. Willson had been engaged in missionary work in Cilicia for a number of years and passed through the massacres of 1909, […]


July 13, 2015

Rev. Lester James Wright

Wright, Lester James of Waukesha, Wisc., was the first Near East Relief worker to meet a violent death. He was slain by bandits, near Aleppo, Syria after having accompanied a convoy of orphans out of Harpoot. The children had been moved without mishap to safety and Mr. Wright, with three other relief workers and a native […]


George St. John Williams

Williams, George St. John of Foxburg, Pa., died from pneumonia at Marsovan, Turkey, on December 10. 1922. Mr. Williams was in charge of the Near East Relief unit at Marsovan at the time that the orphans from the interior were being evacuated by way of Samsoun and the Black Sea. In meeting each column as it […]


Mary L. Graffam

Graffam, Mary L. of Lewiston, Me., who like, Annie T. Allen, had gained a tremendous influence throughout Turkey as a missionary, died on August 17, 1921, also at Sivas, as the result of an operation for cancer. Overwork among the orphans and refugees in that city had so taxed her strength that she failed to rally […]


Menno Shellenberger

Shellenberger, Menno: Smallpox contracted from refugees at Diarbekir caused the death in that Turkish city of Menno Shellenberger, of Hesston, Kansas, on December 14, 1921. Shellenberger had been transporting supplies by motor-truck from Aleppo, three hundred miles away, to Diarbekir when he became ill. (Source: Team Work Volume III no. 6 – Smith – June 1924The Story […]


Jay H. Robinson

Robinson, Captain Jay H. of Oakland. Cal., died at the American Hospital, Constantinople, from pneumonia on December 10, 1920. During the influx of Russian refugees lo Constantinople following the collapse of General Wrangel’s anti-Bolshevik forces in Crimea, Captain Robinson worked night and day distributing food and caring for the sick and wounded. The illness from which […]


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