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  • Team Work Volume III no. 6 - Smith - June 1924

Winchester, Edith May of Fox Chase, Pa., was one of the first American nurses to enter Armenia after the war. She died from typhus at Erivan on May 17, 1919, being the first Near East Relief worker to give her life in service. She arrived in Erivan during the height of the typhus epidemic when Armenian refugees from Turkey were dying on the streets at a rate of 190 a day. Miss Winchester was the first to respond to the call of relief doctors to serve in an emergency typhus ward hastily opened. She contracted the disease and died within ten days, before her eagerly awaited mail from home reached. In her memory a nurses’ training school has been opened at the Edith May Winchester Memorial Hospital in Alexandropol, Armenia. From this school have been graduated the first nurses registered in the Armenian Republic. All were former orphan wards of the Near East Relief. They will form the faculty of a new government training school and the nucleus for a newer established Armenian Public Health Service.

From Team Work, 1924