Near East Relief Historical Society 2019 Capital Campaign

The NERHS Campaign

The Near East Foundation has launched a campaign to raise $50,000 to further the mission of the Near East Relief Historical Society (NERHS) by sharing and preserving the history of the events and people surrounding the Armenian, Assyrian, and Anatolian Greek Genocide, which still remain unknown by many.

From 1915-1930, the Near East Relief saved more than a million lives, provided an estimated 6 million medical treatments, millions of meals to refugees, and raised and educated 136,000 children in a vast system of orphanages and schools. In 1930 Near East Relief shifted from relief toward long-term social and economic development and became the Near East Foundation (NEF), and in 2014 NEF launched its historical initiative – NERHS – to preserve the past and educate the future.

NERHS has made great strides resulting in a beautifully designed digital museum which includes a rich archive of historical content, and eight-part digital exhibit, a full-size traveling exhibit that has been displayed in churches, universities, and museums nationwide, a curriculum guide for teachers covering the history of the Genocide in the classroom, and a feature-length documentary, They Shall Not Perish: The Story of Near East Relief, which is now available on Amazon Prime

In recent years we have received outreach from more and more descendants of these individuals, coming forward with letters and diaries detailing their experiences. For us, this indicates that there is much more work to be done and additional efforts and resources required to bring these stories to the public. With your help, survivors, relief workers, politicians, diplomats, philanthropists—all with stories worth telling and knowing—can have their stories brought to light through the digital museum.

While NERHS is grounded in the past, it is also committed to educating the future. Moving forward NERHS will strive to serve as the primary information point for academics, historians, and those with a cultural connection to the Genocide, memorialize stories of individuals who experienced the Genocide, and serve as an educational resource for school curriculum on genocide studies.


NERHS  needs your help to continue its mission to educate people on an often- forgotten chapter in American history.


Give a Gift of Any Size

Donations of any size to provide general support to NERHS are helpful and appreciated. No gift is too small and each one matters. Help us ensure the future of NERHS and its ability to bring new and important stories to light. We cannot do it without you.

Enhance the Digital Museum

As access to relevant documents has increased and our collection is becoming digitized, the needs of our website have also grown. Help us to continue to build out the capacity of the website and receive recognition on our “Donors” tab (coming soon.)

Commitment: $2,000

Gift a Digital Museum Management System

An advanced digital asset management system will bring the NERHS digital archives to an improved standard and ensure that its assets are documented, organized, and securely shared. A disclaimer will be posted throughout the site stating “The digital asset management system for was donated by (donor name).”

Commitment: $5,000

Support NEF’s collection at the Rockefeller Archive Center

While we have some of our archive digitized, there is more work to do be done with the original documents and photos we have from the NER-era and beyond. We need support to ensure the continued processing, archiving, and digitization of materials at Rockefeller Archive Center (RAC) in Sleepy Hollow, NY. RAC is a major repository and research center for the study of philanthropy and its impact throughout the world. As John D. Rockefeller, Sr. said, “If we assist the highest forms of education in whatever field–we secure the widest influence in enlarging the boundaries of human knowledge.” For your donation, we will name an archival collection after you and recognize your contribution on the NERHS website.

Commitment: $10,000

Start a Namesake Fellowship

The most crucial need NERHS currently has is the need for human resources. NERHS requires a dedicated individual who can apply their passion for research and building archival systems that will keep NERHS operating at an exceptional level and ensure its continued mission. Providing funding for a multi-year fellowship to oversee these efforts would allow the right person to immerse themselves in NER and NEF’s rich history and in doing so develop new archival collections, produce fresh written content on existing and newly conducted research, curate new exhibitions, and engage guest contributors, historians, and academics who can bring additional context to NER and NEF’s past experiences. This fellowship will be named after the donor and be promoted on the NERHS site, social media, and media coverage.

Commitment: $30,000

Donations can be made online on the NEF website by writing ‘NERHS Campaign’ in the comment box or by mailing in a check with ‘NERHS Campaign’ in the memo line to:

Near East Foundation
110 West Fayette Street, Suite 710
Syracuse, NY 13202


To discuss your interest in supporting the NERHS campaign, please use the contact  information below to set up a time to talk with our team.

Andrea Crowley
Director of Partnerships & Philanthropy
Near East Foundation
e: [email protected]
t: (315) 428-8670

Shant Mardirossian
Board of Directors
Near East Foundation
e: [email protected]
t: (914) 953-6656

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