Triumph and Tragedy in History: Part III

After placing second in the Lower Hudson Regional Competition, Lily Jebejian and Alice Vranka were invited to participate in the State competition in Cooperstown N.Y.

The latest steps in this exciting journey have taken the girls all the way to Armenia!

During their trip to Armenia, Lily and Alice had the opportunity to visit the sites of old Near East Relief orphanages, including one of the most famous at Alexandropol. They toured the Khazachi Post and walked around the compound and were able to take pictures of some of the sites most famous buildings, like the Russian Orthodox Church.

Lily and Alice also visited the Terchooian Orphanage, site of the Servesky Post orphanage that is most known for the iconic ‘America We Thank You’ photograph. They met with the headmaster and attended a welcoming ceremony and dance recitals given by the current residents.

Before we went there, they just seemed like numbers on a page. But meeting the orphans and visiting "Orphan City," brought it all to life. It made me even more passionate about our project because they were just pictures before, but then we were actually there meeting the kids, seeing how they live and how important the work of Near East Relief was and is

Lily Jebejian

For the state competition Lily and Alice tried to incorporate their experiences and what they learned into their topic, adding to their already rich and evocative display.

Check back soon for more updates!