They Shall Not Perish: A Near East Relief Curriculum Guide

The Near East Relief Historical Society is proud to announce the release of They Shall Not Perish: The Story of Near East Relief, a curriculum guide for teachers!

As an educational initiative of the Near East Foundation (NEF), the Near East Relief Historical Society is committed to educating the public about America’s response to the Armenian Genocide. We have collaborated with the Genocide Education Project, veteran educator Ron Levitsky, and education advocates to produce a free downloadable curriculum guide entitled They Shall Not Perish: The Story of Near East Relief.

The guide can function as a standalone educational tool or as a companion to our downloadable panel exhibition of the same name. The curriculum is designed for teachers of middle and high school students. It is an excellent resource for classes studying World War I, world and U.S. history, and Holocaust and genocide studies. It also serves a challenging historical foil for current events in the Middle East. It’s not just for professional educators, though. Anyone with an interest in this subject is welcome to download this guide for personal use. We encourage you to share it with your friends and family, and pass it along to the teachers in your community.

They Shall Not Perish takes students on a journey to the chaotic final days of the Ottoman Empire. Using evocative images from the Near East Foundation archives and other sources, students are encouraged to ask difficult questions about conflict, humanity, and politics. But They Shall Not Perish is more than a curriculum about genocide: it is the story of America’s historic response to an astonishing humanitarian crisis. Students will learn about the creation of the committee that became Near East Relief, and the American people’s unprecedented response to this, the first large-scale grassroots campaign for international aid.

This unique educational guide includes open-ended questions for thought-provoking discussions, a helpful bibliography, and information on digital educational resources. Students can supplement the unit with independent exploration of the Near East Relief Historical Society’s digital museum.

You can download a free PDF of They Shall Not Perish by clicking here.