W.E. Rambo

First Name W.E.

Last Name Rambo

Location Born Baker, OR

Died While Serving? no

Photo string(4) "3972"

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  • Team Work Volume III no. 6 - Smith - June 1924

(Rev.), of Baker, Oregon, steamed on September 25, 1919, and wen tot Adana where he and Mrs. Rambo took charge of the Harouniye Orphanage. Late in March, 1920, they managed the dramatic midnight transfer of the youngsters to Adana under the escort of Mr. Gilbert. In June, 1920, the orphans were evacuated from Adana to Cyprus, but Mr. and Mrs. Rambo were not able to get out until two months later. In the following autumn they worked in Batoum with the great stream of refugees going through from Kars to Thrace. In December they left Batoum for New York which they reached March 3, 1921. Their present address is care J. I. Brimberry, Lowell, Indiana.