Roy J. King

First Name Roy J.

Last Name King

Died While Serving? no

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Wedding of Near East Relief workers in Beirut. Rev. Joseph Beach and Rev. James E. Nicol officiated the double wedding ceremony of Marion Kerr to Roy King and Ann Frances Sproule to Alfred Bastress. Kerr, King, and Sproule were Near East Relief workers.
Marion Kerr recorded the names of the attendees on the back of the photograph (L-R):
Miss Inez Webster, Mrs. Arthur Bacon, Mrs. Charles Fowle, Mr. Arthur Bacon, Belle Dorman, Daisy Humphrey, Mrs. Elsa Kerr, Helen Clark (partly hidden), Mrs. Gannaway, Stanley E. Kerr (Marion's brother), Carol McAfee (partly hidden), Mary Francis Bacon, Mrs. F. Hoskins, and Rev. James E. Nicol. Azadouhi (Zadi) Gannaway, a former NER orphan, was the flower girl.
Image courtesy of Ellery Flynn.
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  • The Story of Near East Relief - Barton - 1930

married fellow relief worker Marion Kerr in Beirut, 1922.