John J. Detwiler

First Name John J.

Last Name Detwiler

Location Born Heston, KS

Died While Serving? no

Photo string(4) "3817"

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  • Team Work Volume III no. 6 - Smith - June 1924
  • The Story of Near East Relief - Barton - 1930

of Heston, Kansas, crossed August 20, 1921 and did transportation work in Syria. He was connected with the Beirut headquarters for two years. It was he who brought out from Diarbekir to Aleppo, at the end of May 1923, a caravan load of 99 babies. This was done without a single mishap, although these little ones were those too delicate to make the journey earlier with the thousands of children evacuated from Anatolia through Aleppo during the preceding eight months. Mr. Detwiler started for the USA on October 5, 1923. He may be addressed at Birchtree, Mo.