Henry Flint

First Name Henry

Last Name Flint

Location Born Syracuse, NY

Died While Serving? yes

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  • Team Work Volume III no. 6 - Smith - June 1924
  • The Story of Near East Relief - Barton - 1930

of Syracuse, N.Y., died in Constantinople on May 22, 1923, from typhus. He had been serving as cashier for the American Board of Foreign Missions in Constantinople when the urgent need for workers among 10,000 Greek and Armenian refugees in a group of old barrack buildings prompted him to volunteer his services. Conditions in the barracks at that rime were almost beyond description and typhus, smallpox, starvation, and exposure were causing more than a hundred deaths a day. It was necessary frequently for the American relief workers to separate the dead from the living with their own hands.   The strenuous burden of his task made him an easy victim of the disease from which he died.