Elizabeth A. Thom

First Name Elizabeth A.

Last Name Thom

Location Born Ontario, Canada

Died While Serving? no


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  • Team Work Volume III no. 6 - Smith - June 1924
  • The Story of Near East Relief - Barton - 1930

(Miss), of Ontario, Canada, sailed September 1, 1920, to do nursing and was sent to the Caucasus. After the fall of Kars she was among the personnel staying in the Caucasus but the disturbances became so great that the with others returned to Constantinople where she arrived late in February, 1921. In the following May, however, she went back to the Caucasus to re-establish the nursing service. For a year she served at Erivan and at Polygon Post, Alexandropol and then, May, 1922, was transferred to Djalal Oghli where she stayed until her return home in January, 1923. She is now nursing in the Grant Hospital, Chicago, Ill.