Beulah K. Rust

First Name Beulah K.

Last Name Rust

Location Born Indiana

Died While Serving? no


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  • Team Work Volume III no. 6 - Smith - June 1924
  • The Story of Near East Relief - Barton - 1930

(Mrs. Marlon F.), of Indiana and Kentucky, sailed August 20, 1921, arrived in Beirut September 20, 1921, and was billeted to Aleppo in October. There she and her husband worked with the great influx of refugees from Cilicia. Early in 1922 they were both assigned to Erivan where they handled the reconstruction-relief—the remaking of roads, irrigation systems and so on by refugees—and the orphanage work among especially delicate children. In September 1922, she went to Tabriz, Persia. January, 1924, found her once again in the United States, where her address is Shelburn, Indiana (Care R. W. Lane).