Amos M. Eash

First Name Amos M.

Last Name Eash

Location Born Chicago, IL

Died While Serving? no


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  • Team Work Volume III no. 6 - Smith - June 1924
  • The Story of Near East Relief - Barton - 1930

(Rev.), of Chicago, Illinois, went overseas on July 1, 1919. He acted as farming director of the Syrian orphanage in Aleppo, where he arrived in August 1919. In November he went to Jerusalem and in the following August he was made Director of the Schneller Orphanage. After a year in that position he came back to the States on August 27. 1921. Rev. Mr. Eash is now pastor of the 26th Street Mennonite Church at 720 West 26th Street, Chicago, Illinois.