Lousaper Kussajikian

joined Near East Relief in Marash as a young refugee. She assisted Near East Relief workers in transporting hundreds of orphans out of Marash to safety in Syria. Lousaper studied to become a nurse with Near East Relief. She worked in several Near East Relief facilities in Syria, including the Antilyas Orphanage and the Working Boys’ Home in Beirut. Miraculously, Lousaper was able to find her sister Anna in a Near East Relief orphanage in Greece. She brought Anna to Beirut in 1924. Lousaper married Harry Sarmanian and raised a family. She was interviewed for the book The Cilician Armenian Ordeal by Paren Kazanjian in 1989. Lousaper’s children kindly donated the Lousaper Kussajikain Sarmanian Collection of photos to the NEF Archives in 2016.

Gift of JoAnn Sarmanian Janjigian, Hagop Sarmanian, Peter Sarmanian, and Esther Sarmanian Stepanian.