Near East Relief in Malawi

The poster shows the legacy of Near East Relief in supporting different communities. Beneficiaries in the photos attending different classes including sports, agriculture, and research laboratories in Malawi.

Near East Relief Operation Map, Mediterranean

A map of the Near East Relief operations in The Mediterranean Sea countries. The map includes the locations of the evacuated areas, orphanages, agriculture, refugees industries and displaced families.

Near East Relief Operations Map

A map that shows the operations of Near East Relief in the northern parts of the Middle East and some parts of Europe that surround the Black Sea.

Handmade Products, Textiles

Near East Relief supported children and refugees from hunger and displacement. Selling handmade products to support refugees in one of Near East shops.

Near East Industries catalog cover

Catalog cover for Near East Industries textiles. This industrial program provided employment for refugee women in Constantinople. The products were sold locally and in the United States.