Meal Time, Orphanage Life

1400 orphan boys at a camp eating in tin plates. One relief workers and supervisors are supervising them.

Children working at Jubeil Orphanage

Jubeil (also spelled Jebail or Jbeil) Orphanage was made up of both ancient and new buildings. The orphans constructed some of the buildings themselves; this was a common practice in many Near East Relief orphanages. The orphanage at Jubeil housed 1,200 children.

Child Survivors at Jubeil Orphanage

Child survivors of the Genocide. The Armenian text reads “Remnants of the Great Calamity in Jubeil at the American Orphanage, 1924.”

Jubeil Orphanage

This photograph of Jubeil Orphanage appeared in a Near East Relief publication. The original caption reads: “Some buildings have to be rented – some have been built.  In the background are two old silk mills and in the foreground temporary sheds constructed by the orphans.”