Cooperation At The Corinth

Americans who worked at the Near East participated in saving lives of many Armenians. Cushman views the boat that was created by one of the students in the orphanage. The article talks about her experience while being part of a team that supports and helps the Armenian.

Children playing in the ruins at Corinth

Near East Relief transported 2,700 orphans from Turkey to Corinth, Greece in 1923. This photo appeared in the March 1927 issue of the New Near East magazine.

Girls carrying water at Corinth Orphanage

The girls at Corinth Orphanage were in charge of all cleaning carried out their chores under the watchful eye of orphanage director Emma Cushman. This photograph appeared in the New Near East magazine in September 1926.

Clearing irrigation ditches

The original caption reads: “Clearing irrigation ditches to get rid of the malarial mosquitoes.” Malaria was a major problem in the orphanages and refugee communities, especially those located near standing water. Relief worker Emma Cushman is credited with eliminating malaria at the Corinth Orphanage.

New Near East, October 1923: Entrance to Corinth Orphanage

New Near East magazine with a photograph of the entrance to the orphanage at Corinth. After the burning of Smyrna, Near East Relief dramatically expanded its work in Greece. Near East Relief worker Emma Cushman supervised the orphanage at Corinth. This cover features a playful border of dolls and toys.