Music Lesson

An outdoor music lesson at Alexandropol. The boys are playing long-necked lutes, or saz, an ancient Central Asian instrument.

Barracks, Jaquith

Military buildings in Alexandropol, a soldier standing on a side.



Miss Myrtle Shane

An article about Miss Myrtle who was the last American woman who remained in Alexandropol after other women fled the area seeking safety from the red armies.

NearEast Boys& Girls Map

A living map of the Near East, 4200 boys and girls at Alexandropol forming the map of Near East efforts in Palestine, Turkey, Armenia, and Greece. The map is formed on a hill.

Children in Rags

Children dressed in rags waiting outside a Near East Relief Orphanage.

Boys with a hut at Polygon Orphanage

Boys pose with a hut that they built themselves in the garden at Polygon Orphanage, which was part of the orphanage complex at Alexandropol. Polygon doubled as an agricultural school.

Boys in the garden at Alexandropol

Boys in the garden at the Polygon Orphanage, Alexandropol. One boy is playing a flute. Polygon functioned as a boys’ orphanage and an agricultural school. Surplus produce was sold in the local market to support the orphanage.