Milo Zimmerman

of Harper, Kansas, left New York with the Mennonite party on February 28, 1920. Sent to Beirut he was transferred to Urfa in the early summer of 1920 to assist Miss Holmes who mentions him in her book as “Zimmie”. After Urfa, Mardin (1921) where he was Director, Treasurer, Quartermaster and Manager of the boys’ orphanage. In the Spring of 1922 he brought out to Beirut 100 of the orphans. August found him in America Once more. Mr. Zimmerman is now living in Harper, Kansas.

Cyrus B. Zimmerman

of Wilmington, Delaware, started overseas August 4, 1921, and was assigned to Harpoot. There he brought Dr. Mark Wood through an attack of typhus although himself suffering from the same disease. When Dr. Ward left the station Dr. Zimmerman succeeded him as Medical Director. During the Summer of 1922 Dr. Zimmerman aided in the evacuation of the orphans at Harpoot, going to Sivas with the Greek children. In the early Spring of 1923 he went to Corfu and returned to America July 10, 1923. He may now be addressed Woodside Avenue, Intervilla, Pa.