Imogene Ryan

(Mrs. J. Clyde), of Muncie, Indiana, crossed as above and worked with her husband as a relief helper at Trebizond. Return and address as above.

J. Clyde Ryan

of Muncie, Indiana, was a member of the “Leviathan” party. Stationed at Trebizond he served actively in the turmoil of this busy station. March 3, 1920, found him again in the Unite States. His address is 300 East Highland Avenue, Muncie, Ind.

Beulah K. Rust

(Mrs. Marlon F.), of Indiana and Kentucky, sailed August 20, 1921, arrived in Beirut September 20, 1921, and was billeted to Aleppo in October. There she and her husband worked with the great influx of refugees from Cilicia. Early in 1922 they were both assigned to Erivan where they handled the reconstruction-relief—the remaking of roads, irrigation systems and so on by refugees—and the orphanage work among especially delicate children. In September 1922, she went to Tabriz, Persia. January, 1924, found her once again in the United States, where her address is Shelburn, Indiana (Care R. W. Lane).

Anna E. Rothrock

(Mrs.), crossed on the “Leviathan” as the head of the nursing force of Near East Relief and was stationed at Constantinople where she became was became Superintendent of the American Hospital at Stamboul. This hospital developed a well-organized training school for native nurses. Transferred to the Red Cross, Mrs. Rothrock worked with the Russian refugees on the island of Proti. She is now doing hospital social service for the South Side Hospital, South 20th Street, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Minnie C. Robinson

(Miss), of Toronto, Canada, and New York City, sailed November 5, 1919. Sent to the Caucasus she worked in the Erivan district, where she was transferred to Constantinople where she was Ward Supervisor in the Stamboul Hospital. In June, 1920, she was on duty in Constantinople with the Red Cross. She may now be addressed 27 London Street, Toronto, Canada.

Leland Rex Robinson

, of New Jersey, did publicity work for Near East Relief at the National Headquarters and went with the American-Persian Commission which started May 11, 1918, to investigate the need fro relief in Persia and to organize it. Mr. Robinson is now in Italy but he may be addressed care W. O. Robinson, Room 1118, 120 Broadway, New York City.

Genevieve J. Robb

(Miss), of New York City, joined the nursing personnel of Near East Relief that sailed on February 16, 1919. She was stationed at Adana. She left for America via Mersine, March 13, 1920, reaching home May 30. Miss Robb is now Supervising Nurse of the New York State Department of Health, her address being 229 East Main Street, Walden, N. Y.

Ernest W. Riggs

(Rev.), of Brookline, Mass., went across on September 9, 1920, as Child Welfare Director for all the Near East Relief Areas. Owing to disturbances in the Caucasus and Anatolia his work was confined to Syria and Constantinople. In those areas he worked out educational plans, prepared textbooks, established a summer school for orphanage teachers, planned a balanced diet for the children and made various valuable recommendations for further training. He returned to America September, 1921. He may be addressed care the American Board of Foreign Missions, 14 Beacon Street, Boston Mass.

Lyman G. Richards

of Fall River, Mass., joined the medical personnel on the “Leviathan” February 16, 1919. He was stationed at Smyrna with Dr. Pratt and Dr. Bell working in the hospital and the clinics until about October first, when he returned to America. He may be addressed care Dr. George L. Richards, 124 Franklin Street, Fall River, Mass.

Mary L. Richards

(Mrs. George L.), went over registered as a nurses’ helper. See above.

George L. Richards

of Fall River, Mass., Assistant Director of the Medical Division of Near East Relief, aided in filling the lists of the medical personnel and sailed with them on the “Leviathan” In the assignment of duties after the meeting with the Director, Dr. Washburn, in Constantinople, Dr. Richards was stationed at Derindje as Director of the medical work there and in control of the distribution of medical supplies to that unit. After Dr. Washburn’s return to America his post as Director was filled by Dr. Richards. With Dr. Richards in charge a railway clinic was maintained on a three-car train running between Derindje and Angora. After all the material for the stations had been sent out Dr. Richards visited European Turkey and all the stations in Angora, performing ear, nose and throat operations and attending to the redistribution of many supplies. Since his return to America Dr. Richards has been medical adviser to Near East Relief. He is now practicing in Fall River (124 Franklin Street).

Marcella Katherine Flynn Rice

(Mrs.), of Pennsylvania, as Miss Flynn, was another member of the nursing personnel of the “Leviathan.” She was stationed at Sivas in charge of the operating room at the hospital. She returned to the States June 29, 1920, and now as Mrs. Rice, is living at 2424 W. Columbia Avenue, Philadelphia.

Grace L. Reilly

(Miss), of Allston, Mass., went over on the “Leviathan” with the nursing force of the Near East Relief. She served at Constantinople and was one of the nurses attached to Near East Relief on the island of Proti when the refugees driven from Russia by the Bolshevists went there to be cared for. She returned to America June 19, 1920, and is now Superintendent and Instructor of Nurses at Arlington Heights, Mass. (149 Hillside Avenue).

Margaret Reid

(Miss), signed with Near East Relief in France and was assigned to Homs where she acted as Matron to the Orphanage. In the autumn of 1920 she and Miss McIntyre went up to Marash. There she served as Quartermaster and Superintendent of the Industrial Department until the middle of April, 1921, when she went out through Aleppo. She reached home June 2, 1921, and is now teaching history in Portland, Oregon (636 East 21st Street).

W.E. Rambo

(Rev.), of Baker, Oregon, steamed on September 25, 1919, and wen tot Adana where he and Mrs. Rambo took charge of the Harouniye Orphanage. Late in March, 1920, they managed the dramatic midnight transfer of the youngsters to Adana under the escort of Mr. Gilbert. In June, 1920, the orphans were evacuated from Adana to Cyprus, but Mr. and Mrs. Rambo were not able to get out until two months later. In the following autumn they worked in Batoum with the great stream of refugees going through from Kars to Thrace. In December they left Batoum for New York which they reached March 3, 1921. Their present address is care J. I. Brimberry, Lowell, Indiana.