Milton D. Brown

Mr. Brown, who received his education at Carnegie Institute and Columbia University, was a volunteer during the war with the Norton-Harjes Ambulance Corps, and also served with the French and Roumanian Commissions of the American Red Cross. From August, 1920 to October, 1922 he was with Near East Relief in the Caucasus as director of orphanages and schools, when he returned to the the United States to study methods in various vocational schools in the this country. Upon Mr. Brown’s return to Alexandropol he will direct industrial training in the orphanages.


Belle Bass

Miss Bass is an experienced relief worker, having served with the Red Cross and the Y.M.C.A. in France, Siberia and Czechoslovakia during and after the war, returning to the United States via Honolulu where she is engaged in teaching and Red Cross work. Miss Bass will do orphanage work in Alexandropol.

“A Close-up of Some Overseas Workers,” The New Near East magazine, Sept. 1923.

Phyllis Henrietta Brown

Miss Brown’s destination was Alexandropol, Armenia, where she will have charge of agricultural training in the orphan city of 20,000 children. She is a graduate of Vassar and of the New York State School of Agriculture and Michigan Agricultural College, and has had affiliations with the Red Cross, National Girl Scouts, Camp Fire Girls and, during the war, the New York State Land Army. Upon sailing, Miss Brown said, “I wish to work for the Armenian people for I hope, at some future time, in a small way to be in a position to help further international relations and a stronger friendship between all nations.”

“A Close-up of Some Overseas Workers,” The New Near East magazine, Sept. 1923.

Elizabeth A. Bury

(Miss) of North Coventry, Connecticut, enlisted with Near East Relief as a nurse and sailed on February 16, 1919. She served at Erivan and Harpoot, remaining at the latter difficult post (where at one time she was a sufferer from typhus) until April 30, 1922, when she went to Constantinople. She arrived in America April 28, 1923, and may be addressed at 168 Chaplin Street, Pawtucket, RI.

Edward W. Burgess

of Plymouth, Mass. set out on January. 16, 1919. He had charge of the Transportation Department in the Aleppo Area. He is now with the American Express Company in Shanghai, China, his address being 8 Kicking Road.

George A. Burdick

of Manistique, MI, qualifying as auditor and bookkeeping expert, started on February 28, 1920, for the Constantinople office. In August of the same year he went to Beirut to install a new financial system and returned June 14, 1921. He is now Manager and Vice President of the American Educational Association with offices at 1310 Kruse Building, Detroit, Michigan, and 942 Hanna Building, Cleveland, Ohio.

Frances S. Buckley

(Miss), signed on with Near East Relief at Paris as a nurse on January 30, 1919. Stationed at Marash, she was in charge of the Rescue Home for Girls and of the Boys’ Orphanage. She was in Marash during the siege, the Rescue Home being sacked, some of the women killed and other retaken by the Turks. The boys at the Beitschalem Orphanage worked for hours at the pumps to save the building from burning with its neighbors August 9, 1920, found her again in America. She has been with the New York State office of Near East Relief, her address being 406 West 20th Street.

Barton W. Brush

served at Kars in the Caucasus during 1920 and returned to America on April 2, 1921. His present address is 126 23rd Street, Elmhurst, Queens, N. Y.

Morton E. Brownell

went to Beirut as eye specialist to serve in the ophthalmic hospital. He is now practicing in Oneonta and living at 8 Taft Avenue.

Anna A. Brownell

(Mrs. Morton E.), of Oneonta, N. Y., sailed with her husband on February 23, 1919 for Beirut, to act as nurse in the ophthalmic hospital. She is now at home at 8 Taft Avenue, Oneonta, N. Y., attending to her duties as housewife.

Margaret E. Dixon Brown

(Mrs. Wendell D.), of Hackensack, New Jersey, left this side on February 16, 1919, and was appointed to Sivas as a stenographer. She married Wendell W. Brown, returned to this country, and is now living as above.

Wendell W. Brown

of Yonkers, N. Y., sailed on April 23, 1919, and served at Oulou Kishla. He married Margaret E. Dixon at Constantinople on January 14, 1920, and they returned to this country February. 22, 1920. He is now farming at Boonton, New Jersey, and may be addressed R. F. D. 1.

Maud Elizabeth Brown

(Mrs.), was Matron of the Armenian refugees cared for in Constantinople by the Lord Mayor’s Fund when she signed with Near East Relief on November 26, 1920. She was in Erivan in May, 1921 and acting as Superintendent of the orphanage at Karallas in December, 1921. She was released on December 27, 1922 and left Constantinople to travel westward in January, 1923. Her address is Norwalk General Hospital, Norwalk, Connecticut.

Mary Brodhead

BRODHEAD, MARY (Miss), of Kingston, Pennsylvania, set out for the Caucasus on January 21, 1920. She was one of the Near East Relief personnel evacuated from the Caucasus during the early summer when the fighting grew hot. For a time she was on duty at Batumi, part of her duties consisting of clothing distribution. Later, she was transferred to Constantinople where she was Secretary of the Industrial Shop and attended to the transportation connected with the shop. She reached America on August 12, 1921. She may be addressed at 124 Maple Street, Kingston, Pennsylvania.

James Elmer Briggs

of Flushing, Long Island, N.Y., went out on June 30, 1921 to take the post of Treasurer at the Constantinople Headquarters, where he put in two years of faithful work. He reached America once more on Aug. 16, 1923. He is now at 124 North 14th Street, Flushing, N. Y.

Beatrice Johnston M. Brazier

(Mrs. William R.) registered from N.Y. when she sailed for Constantinople on February 26, 1921 to act as bookkeeper and accountant overseas. On June 24, 1922 she married Captain William Russell Brazier of the British Army. Mrs. Brazier is now living at 17 Elm Street, Flushing, N.Y..

Sabra Claire Bradley

(Miss), of Fulton, Mo., sailed with the “Leviathan” party of February. 16, 1919 and was assigned to Samsoun. Later work took her to Constantinople and Ismid. She reached home September 11, 1921. She is now teaching at Tucson, Arizona.

John H. Boyd

signed with Near East Relief in France and worked as Assistant Director and Director at Aleppo and Beirut and at Aintab where he went through the siege, winning approval for his diplomacy, courage, and judgment. He returned to America in October. 1920. Since that time he has been working almost continuously in Russia and sailed again for Russia on March 24, 1924. When in this country Mr. Boyd has given talks on the Near East and our activities. He may be addressed at Wesson, MS.

Arthur F. Bosworth

of Rochester, N. Y., went to Beirut on February. 15, 1923 to act as Treasurer. He is now auditor for a manufacturing company of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His home address is 363 Chili Avenue, Rochester, N.Y..

S.M. Louise Bond

(Miss), registering from New Haven, Connecticut, joined Near East Relief in February. 1919. She was valuable in Kars in the Caucasus. When released early in June 1920, she went to England. She is now in America, living at Riverdale-on-Hudson, N.Y..

Stanley G. Boberg

signed on from Camp Lee, VA, as a laboratory assistant. His appointment took him to Marsovan, whence he returned on April 22, 1920. He is now a bank official in Chicago, his address being 8035 Beernaert Avenue.

Rowland P. Blythe

BLYTHE, ROWLAND P. (Dr.), of Wappinger Falls, N.Y., went to Constantinople on April 30, 1921. Sent at once to the Caucasus, hew as stationed at Kazachi Post, Alexandropol. He came back to America December 8, 1923. His present address is Wappinger Falls.

Amy A. Bliss

(Miss), of Baldwinsville, N.Y., started overseas on February. 16, 1919. She was appointed to Harpoot where she did hospital work. Returning, she left Constantinople on May 15, 1920 and reached America June 21, 1920.

Clarissa R. Blakeslee

(Miss), sailed on July 16, 1919. In Constantinople, she was active with the Girl Scouts. She sailed for France on her way home, January. 14, 1921. Her present address is Sutton Place House, Sutton Place and 59th Street, New York City.

Blanche Blackman

BLACKMAN, BLANCHE A. (Miss), of N.Y., sailed on February. 16, 1919. She started the nurses’ training school at Marsovan, and came home April 22, 1920. She is now Superintendent of Nurses at the Broad Street Hospital, 129 Broad Street, New York City.

Anna Bispham

(Miss), of Idaho Falls, ID, sailed as a Near East Relief teacher on February. 23, 1919. She served in Beirut and Sidon and returned May 2, 1921. She is now doing child welfare work in South Carolina at Wappaoolah, Oakley Depot.

Florence Frances Billings

(Miss), joined Near East Relief overseas on July 11, 1920, serving at Broussa, Konia, and Angora. From Angora she went to Greece in December 1922 and reached the US March 15, 1923. Miss Billings is living at 53 West 11th Street, NYC and is doing university research work.

Pauline Bill

(Miss), of Willimantic, Connecticut, sailed on February. 16, 1919 to teach and manage a Near East Relief salesroom. She was at Port Said, November. 29, 1919 and later at Tripoli, and returned on May 23, 1920. She is now at the Sea View Hospital, Staten Island, New York City, as Director of Occupational Therapy.


Loretta Bigley

(Miss), registered nurse, enlisted overseas with Near East Relief and worked as the head of the Rescue Home in Aintab from about July 1, 1919 to June 1920, when she reached the USA. She was one of the American personnel who suffered in the siege of Aintab. Miss Bigley is now in the Public Health Department of the City of Chicago, her address being 4336 Sheridan Road.

Rebecca Stoltzfus Bender

(Mrs. Ray F.) of Martinsburg, Pennsylvania, sailed for the Beirut Area on May 19, 1921 to do relief work. Married to Ray F. Bender, she returned as above.

Ray F. Bender

of Springs, Pennsylvania went to the Beirut area as accountant on February 28, 1920. He married Miss Rebecca Stoltzfus June 11, 1921. They came home April 23, 1922, and are now living at Denver, Pennsylvania where Mr. Bender is engaged in shoe manufacturing.

Julia B. Bell

(Miss), of Minneapolis, MN signed with Near East Relief in Paris on July 18, 1919, and was billeted to Tiflis. She returned to this side of the Atlantic July 19, 1920, and has done much to aid Near East Relief in her city. Her present occupation is that of Secretary and she is living at 1416 West 27th Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Hugh W. Bell

of Crafton, Pennsylvania, left for the Near East on January. 25, 1919. His first post was Smyrna where he was the Director of the American Hospital and received the Greek War Cross. Later he filled appointments at Marash and Derindje and returned home October 14, 1921. He was decorated with the cross of the Legion of Honor for his care of French soldiers at Marash. Dr. Bell’s address is 11 Maplewood Avenue, Crafton, Pennsylvania.

Georgia Beck

(Mrs.), of Michigan City, Indiana signed with Near East Relief in Paris, July 2, 1919, to do relief work in Constantinople. She returned to the USA July 15, 1920, and is now living with her sister, Miss Baugh, at 819 Eastwood Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.

Cora Louise Beach

(Miss), of Ogdensburg, N. Y., went overseas July 1, 1919. She was sent to Harpoot. Transferred to the Caucasus she did industrial and educational work at Alexandropol. In the spring of 1921 she was in Constantinople. She reached home on February. 12, 1922 and may be addressed at 466 Ford Street, Ogdensburg, N.Y.

Harry Charles Baillie

of Philadelphia, signed on in Paris. He did warehouse work in Derindje. His service with Near East Relief lasted from June 1, 1919 to April 10, 1920. Address, 2632 North Jessup Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Dorothy Esther Baugh

(Miss), of Michigan City, Indiana, signed with Near East Relief in Paris on June 6, 1919, and took charge of the Grande Rue Store in Constantinople. She returned to this side on July 15, 1920. 819 Eastwood Avenue, Chicago, Illinois is her present address.

Harold B. Barton

signed with the organization from Fitchburg, Mass. and left the U. S. A. on February 28, 1920. He was sent to the Caucasus. There he served as orphanage Director at Alexandropol, Kars and Tiflis. In the same year he married Princess Makoyeff. He reported at New York on Aug. 11, 1921. His address is care the Harvard Club, West 44th Street, New York.

Elma Cakefair Guest Balise

(Mrs. Peter), of New Haven, Connecticut, sailed on February 16, 1919 on the Leviathan. The end of the year found her in Malatia from which she was transferred to Aleppo. She returned June 18, 1920, and is now living at Hadley, Mass. attending to her duties as a housewife.

Miriam A. Bailey

(Miss), went overseas from New York City on July 15, 1920. In Harpoot she acted as Secretary and was also Sanitary Inspector of 39 “cottage” orphanages. She reached the U. S. A. in January, 1922. Letters addressed to 53 West 11th Street, New York City, reach her.

Charles E. Bailey

of Worcester, Mass., sailing on the “Mercurius,” did general relief work from January 16, 1919 till December of the same year. He was in Aintab in July. His present address is 2632 North Jessup Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.