The New Near East Magazine – January 1920

The New Near East, a magazine published starting in January of 1920, was crucial for engaging the American people in Near East Relief efforts. The stunning, and often heartbreaking photos, allowed for people a world away to see the plight of the Armenian people, and served as a critical tool for encouraging the life-saving citizen donations that changed the lives of so many refugees and children.

Consular Legacies, Part Two: U.S. Diplomatic Records from Persia Show a Nation Buffeted by Stronger Powers and American Support for Persecuted Minorities

The diplomatic records available paint a picture of the pivotal role played by US diplomats and consular officers during and after the genocide. Blessed with a variety of resources, diplomats were able to provide humanitarian aid, advocate on the behalf of persecuted minorities, and encourage a peaceful solution to end the ongoing and violent conflict in the region. NERHS is excited to continue its collaboration with James David as we explore the Persian emissaries and diplomatic consulates more in depth.